The mission of CICAR inherits the motto of KMU: “Learning Supreme, Research First” and “Having perseverance and self-reliance, to learn and to contribute to society”. We obey medical ethics and make great effort to reach the goal of academic excellence and global health.

Our research focused on cancer related infectious disease and the cancer caused by infectious disease. We integrate research groups from relevant fields in KMU, and cooperate with other experts in universities and foreign outstanding centers.

    Our center focus on two fields, the pathogens of infectious diseases (mostly virus) and cancer occurrence. Using cohort study and molecular epidemiology methods, we study the molecular mechanisms of diseases, signal transduction network and metabolomics pathogenesis, so that we can develop rapid diagnostic reagents, vaccines, novel targeted drugs, as well as promote both personalized medicine and global health, and further fulfill unmet medical needs. Our center aims to become a world-known research center for infectious disease and cancer treatment.

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