1. Introduction:

  This platform targets on this newly HIV- infected cohort and urging them to receive cART in order to achieve the possible status of HIV functional cure. After 3~5 years of anti-retroviral treatment, cART drugs will be discontinued after laboratory evaluation and functional cure is anticipated. These patients can achieve good life quality. In addition to elimination of the risk for HIV transmission, the cART expense of the government can be reduced on the large scale. The core of this platform aims at setting up a precise and standard laboratory methodology for detecting the newly infected cases and predicting the time to stop cART. Once these assay methods are well established, they can be widely applied to assess the previous cases with long-term cART for the prediction of the appropriate time to stop cART. This platform also can provide the drug resistance genotyping service for users and clinical doctors.


2. Service items:

  • Testing for HIV drug resistance
  • Estimating the HIV-1 latent reservoir after receiving anti-retroviral therapy.


3. Charges

The platform for HIV drug resistance and functional cure test

Cost (single test)

HIV drug resistance test HIV reservoir test
Campus 2,100 NTD 60,000 NTD
Out of Campus 3,500 NTD 90,000 NTD
OOIUC 2,800 NTD 72,000 NTD


Contact person:Fu-You Cheng


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