1. Introduction

Cancer is the leading causes of death worldwide. Development of new effective drugs to combat the cancers is still needed. Because of similar genetic and histopathologic features between zebrafish and human, zebrafish has been developed as a promising model for cancer research. The strategic position of zebrafish in anti-cancer drug discovery is to bridges between cell-based and mammalian models in pre-clinical drug screening along the effective drug development pipeline.


To assess drug effect, forty eight to fifty six hours post-fertilization zebrafish embryos will be anesthetized with tricaine. The suspend cancer cells will be stained with DiI for 30 minutes at 37oC, and then about 100-300 DiI-stained cells will be injected into the yolk sac of embryos and for drug treatment. Afterwards, the photographs of embryos will be taken and analyzed.

2. Service items:Fish line maintenance, zebrafish breeding, microinjection, drug testing

3. Charges:

Service On campus Cooperation Off campus
Wild type (adult) 150/pair 180/pair 225/pair
Wild type (embryo) 150/100 embryos 180/100 embryos 225/100 embryos
Transgenic fish (adult) 500 600 750
Paramecium 300/600 ml 360/600 ml 450/600 ml
Microinjection 2400/day 2880/day 3600/day
Needle preparation 100/tube 120/tube 150/tube
Fish line screening 2400/day 2880/day 3600/day
Breeding & maintain for one month 3000/60 embryos 3600/60 embryos 4500/60 embryos
Maintenance (one-month-old to three-month-old) 200/tank 240/tank 300/tank

4. Related Forms:

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